This post only might be written in English but you shall soon know why. I really want to thank one fellow blogger I have never met in flesh nor bones and his blog happens to be in English : being an educated guest I wish my thanks be read and understood (even if I have some clues making me believe this guy is already well versed in french also). As I am to thank him (and maybe my none so fellow readers might as well fell hatred for him) for getting me into making this blog.

I was googling over the Internet looking for an opportunity to highjack the english translation of the « Lives of the Prophets » by Thalabi1 and I stomped upen this article. At first I was a little disapointed because it was just giving me a huge metal up in my ass : the english translation I was looking for was crap and I just got another link to read it in arabic which is well over my abilities.

أبو إسحاق أحمد الثعلبي

Then I decided that someone writing about Thalabi in modern English in a blog should be quite of interest and I kept the blog in my bookmarks on my phone. The day after on my bus travel to work I had the pleasure of exploring this blog and I eventually came to the point I thought « why not me? ».

And that was the beginning of it… So thank you very much!!! 🙂

1. The reason why I was doing seach a research may very well be the subject of a future post.


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